1965 Failing 1250 Drill Rig
Mounted on a 1977 Ford F7000 



1965 Failing 1250 Drill Rig
Shop Number 902898

300 feet of drill rod in 15 foot joints, bits, desanding cone, a few tools

Mounted on a 1977 Ford F7000 
with a strong running 3208 CAT engine.
Detroit deck engine runs development compressor only. 
All rig operations handled by 3208 CAT.

Brand new batteries installed in May.
Truck VIN: K70BVY05392t


Needs some minor maintenance work:
1. Replace cables. They've been on 4 years and it's time for new.
2. Install new brake on kelly cable. I have the brake, just needs to be installed.
3. Replace throwout and idler bearings for clutch. Bearings are here, just no time to get it done.
4. Master brake cylinder should be replaced. 
This is the really small one, single chamber. Number on it reads 29825, but is difficult
to read. The driver side front brake cylinder leaks and it sat long
enough to dry out the chamber which let the seals get bad. The truck VIN
is listed so you can price out the parts.
5. One of the Fuel tanks has a small pinhole behind the strap near the
top. Up to you whether you fix it or not.
6. Need 2" valve replaced. This is the one that feeds the hose for the
mud mixer. If you leave the hose hooked up you don't need the valve as
the hose has one at the other end.
7. You need to replace the 4" suction hose as the internal wall started
collapsing and it has now been discarded.
8. Recently there has been an air in fuel problem. I replaced the hand
primer and fuel filter as those are generally the causes of such
issues. Didn't seem to solve the problem. A CAT mechanic told me that
in Ford trucks they put a water separator on the engine which was
difficult to locate and would cause this exact problem when the gasket
went bad on it. Other than that, he told me the only other possible
cause is a piece of rust in the fuel tank eventually covering the fuel
draw. I haven't had time to look into it. Some times it runs all
morning without issue, other times 20 minutes. While it is running it
is really strong. This is more of an annoyance than anything else.
Here is a link if you want to obtain a CAT manual for it.


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